Mission Phones

Mission Phones

As some of you may know, our setup for the Mission phone had a single VoIP line. This meant all phone calls relied on our satellite internet connection. We are still under contract for this phone for another school year, but I realized there were many problems with the phone connection being weak and delayed as the need for an internet connection increased at our school and homes.

We have been doing a lot to try to improve the mission phone system over the past couple of months. We have purchased a wireless home phone. This device relies on cellular technology to make calls over a traditional phone line. Cell coverage is not great in our area, so I have been taking steps to find the best outdoor antenna to maintain a strong signal for this device.
The current set up for the phones is as follows:

830-200-0351: This number is a google voice number. Its purpose is to forward you to the correct number that may be subject to change. There were some issues with the account over spring break and the following week that I was not made aware of right away, but the number has since been restored and should be reliable.

Things to keep in mind:

  • We only have one line for all the home phones, so if you are not able to get through please be patient and try again after a short time.
  • Again, we only have one line for all the home phones, so try not to use it longer than needed. Our rule is never longer than 20 minutes.
  • If you are not able to reach someone over the phone, try an alternate means. Cell phone coverage has been stronger out here and most cell phones work if placed by a window or are outside. Email or social media could also be used.

Common things you may encounter:

  • Calling the number results in a ring for a long time without the automated attendant picking up
    Only one person can listen to the automated attendant at a time. If someone else just called in, and is listening for the right extension this is what you will encounter.
  • The message “Cellular one could not complete the call as dialed.”
    The wireless home phone is not able to get a signal strong enough to establish a call.

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