From the Principal

School Data
  • 90 students
  • 7 seniors
  • 3 new teachers
  • New computer lab nearing completion
  • Vo-tech program in the works  (fund started for new building)
Prayer Items
  • Still need elementary teachers
  • Need bus drivers
  • Need maintenance man
  • Salvation of students
We are encouraging retired couples with appropriate skills to come for a few weeks or a few months to help with maintenance. Contact John Bloom at 928.674.3616 (ext.18 daytime) ( ext.14 evenings)

Bloom Newsletter – August 2006

Dear praying friends,
I apologize for not communicating well this summer. There were not many staff at the mission this summer but we still hosted 6 youth groups. Our son Johnny spent five weeks here helping. Much work was accomplished and the Word was given out in over 30 homes. We remodeled one of the staff homes and nearly finished the new house. Some more work teams are scheduled for the fall to help us as we still do not have a maintenance man. We are looking for retired couples that could come for a month at a time to help out. Would you spread the word of the need and this possible solution.
We have started school with enough staff. It was exciting to see God provide when it seemed impossible. Ruth’s niece Melissa Meinzinger has come to teach kindergarten – she has 10 wiggly little learners. Darrell and Barbara Valdois, a retired couple from Hutchinson, Ks., have come as well. Barbara is teaching English and Geography and art and is the librarian. Darrell is teaching the science classes and hopefully will get certified to drive bus. Two other couples are praying about coming but so far God has not opened the door. Ruth has taken on the work of mission treasurer which is a huge job. She is doing a great job but would be very relieved if God sent someone else to take over.
Several of the teachers are carrying heavy loads. Anne Denny is teaching 4th grade, high school math and driving a bus route. Megan is teaching 6 hours a day and driving a bus route. Please pray for them as well as all the staff. God is providing Navajo staff to do mechanic work and janitorial. Maybe bus drivers as well.  I am teaching several classes as well as driving the bus twice a day and doing all the coaching. (one benefit of that is that I am getting badly needed exercise almost daily). God is giving extra strength and several have written and called that they have been burdened to pray for us. For this we are especially grateful.
Johnny is off to Emmaus Bible College this week. He completed two years at Hutchinson Community College and will finish his BA at EBC. God wonderfully provided several large scholarships to enable him to attend without borrowing any money. I think God blessed him for giving his summer to the Lord’s work instead of secular employment. Isn’t that just like God?
Ruth and I were able to attend a family reunion in Maine in July on my mother’s side. Mom was also able to attend albeit with a walker. There were over 60 in attendance. One special treat was to spend time with my brother Stan whom we have not seen very often as he lived in Alaska for 30 years. We also visited other family and friends in the area.
We are very encouraged and thank you for your faithful prayers for us.
John & Ruth Bloom