Still In Need

79 total students, 6 seniors, 9 kindergarteners, 19 junior high (biggest class), 25 staff. So far 98% attendance rate. It takes about $4,000 per year in gifts to educate one student (this is about ½ of public school rate)

We are still in need of a third grade teacher. Our current third grade teacher would like to teach Navajo reading and culture to our students. We also need a librarian for this year. We are looking for a high school English teacher for next year. If you know of anyone who might be interested please pass the information along. Thanks for praying. God is faithful to meet our staff needs each year.

John Bloom

My First Year

Greetings from the H.S. Science/Jr. High Computer Teacher,

My name is Elrond Wedel, and this is my first year here at Immanuel Mission. I’ve been closely associated with the Gospel Chapel and Kansas Bible Camp my whole life, so I’ve been well aware of Immanuel Mission for some years. I had been out here at the Mission 3 times before the idea of being a teacher struck me. John Bloom, our principal and administrator, had expressed to our group on our last trip, the immediate need for teachers. So this whole last summer was spent hoping and preparing for the move out here. As things are often not as easy as we would like them to be, the preparations were not easy. My wife Sheree and I had our first baby, Luthien Elizabeth, in July. We also were trying to raise support and sell our house. Things worked out at the last minute and we were able to move out here. God provides…
We’ve been here for several weeks now, and things are going swimmingly as far as I can tell. I’ve never really been inside an inner city school, but I believe that this is somewhat a taste of it. We don’t really have a problem with violence (probably because we’re so small), but the majority of the kids come from poverty level incomes at home. Many come from single parent homes, where the father may be in jail or simply absent. Many others are living with their uncles, aunts, or grandparents. Discipline seems to be mostly absent in their homes and those responsible for the kids may or may not care if their kids get good grades or even show up to school. Most kids ride our buses to school, which helps keep absenteeism low.

Our Jr. High Boys are an especially rambunctious group. I routinely get called names and today even got a ball thrown at me while my back was turned. However, they’re going to eventually learn that their words and actions have consequences. I’m handing out lunches with me (they have to sit by me at lunch instead of their friends) as well as sitting with me through the lunch recess. They really don’t seem to like this at all. =) At this point they are still in a “speak and act first:, realize that there are consequences later” type of mindset. Hopefully, they’ll reach a mindset soon that will have them at least thinking about their words and actions before setting them loose. We’ll see.

On another note, I’ve really enjoyed the quiet out here. I’ve done lots of reading, Sudoku playing, running, climbing, bike riding, playing guitar, nunchucking, and lifting weights. There is plenty of time for whatever your particular hobbies are out here. All in all, I haven’t regretted the move one bit. I love it out here. Hopefully, we’ll be a shining light to these kids and be instruments in God’s hands out here.

Elrond Wedel