January Newletter

Hello friends and family. I have a small piece of news—I have a new student! He arrived on the 100th day of school. It was quite a surprise. We are still adjusting to having another student and he is still adjusting to a new school. I can definitely use your prayers in this area as he is still learning how to listen and obey. His addition brings my class to four girls and three boys. It is nice to have another boy to even out the numbers a little bit.

A couple weekends ago I went with the basketball teams on an overnight trip to Albuquerque as a chaperone. It was both a fun and slightly boring trip—which I expected. I am now a teacher and it is not cool for teens to hang out with teachers! But I felt that it was a good trip. I got to see the games and the kids at least know my name by now—an improvement. Around here it takes a while for people to warm up to you—so I was excited to go on this trip. We left school on Friday at 11:00 and then we drove to Albuquerque to play a Christian School down there. John Bloom has gotten to know their coach over the years and they wanted us to play basketball, but also to hang out with them over pizza after the game and let the players from each team get to know one another. They have a great group of Christian kids and it was a neat opportunity to get to know them. We then spent the night in their school, got up real early and left for Taos where our guys played another team. On the trip back home, we had to take a huge detour because of blowing snow on the road. Every time the kids asked how much longer the answer was “Oh about 2 ½ more hours”. I thought there was going to be a mutiny! But we got to Farmington and ate dinner at the mall and had a few minutes to shop too. That tended to take the edge off the kids’ attitude a bit! All in all it was a great trip.

January was a great transition month. Not to busy, but busy enough. Just looking ahead at the next month lets me know that I’ll have a lot more to report then. I covet your prayers this month especially with my new student.

In Christ,

Kelli Wilson