Converting to Diesel

Immanuel has been bussing students to school and home again for 29 years since the dorms burned down in 1979. We have always used gas busses. Our yearly gas bill is around $20,000. Gas busses are getting hard to find because since about 1995 the industry has only manufactured diesel busses. So last year we made the decision to go diesel. We bought two diesel busses on eBay for around $1,500 each which was a huge savings over previous purchases. We have been pleasantly surprised that even though the price of diesel is higher we are saving lots of money because the diesel busses get better gas mileage than the regular gas busses and they take less maintenance. We believe that the diesel busses will pay for themselves in the first year. So, we would like to purchase two more. They come up fairly regularly on eBay but we do not currently have funds for bidding on one. If you would like to contribute to this project indicate your gift is for the “new bus fund”.

John Bloom