Can You Hear That?

BAM! BAM! THUMP! BAM! Strum, strum, strum, plink, plink, strum, BAM!  These are typical noises you hear each day in my new music room.  I wish there was audio in our newsletters but you would probably hit the mute button as fast as you could find it so it’s just as well.  I am having a great time teaching music again this year and especially love having my own room with a door that locks.  The elementary grades get to come once a week to sing, play the bells, keep rhythm with sticks and look longingly at the pianos, guitars and trap set that I reserve for the upper grades.  Then I get the older girls and boys for an hour each day while their counterparts are in PE.  We can already accompany many praise songs on both the guitar and piano but our solos leave something to be desired.  My goal for the students is that some day they will be able to use these skills to build up the local church in worship and enhance their own personal worship to the Lord.  I’m thankful that the Lord appreciates a joyful noise but I don’t think we need to remain at the noisy gong, clanging cymbal stage in our musical development.

Anne Denny