Bloom Newletter – March 2009

Dear praying friends, March 2009
It’s time once again to share with you the blessings and challenges of ministry at Immanuel Mission. We are having a good school year and we are nearly 3/4 of the way through. Basketball season is winding down with the league tournament next week. We expect to do well. The juniors and seniors have been doing lots of fundraisers in preparation for their big trip to Florida this year. Last week we had our annual carnival night. The BIG attraction this year was a new climbing wall — 19 ft of hand and toe holds with different skill levels. Putting people in “jail” is also a big attraction. We have had a lot of sickness in the school but so far no teachers have missed a day. Mel Meinzinger our kindergarten teacher (Ruth’s niece) is scheduled for surgery later this month to remove some growths on her ovaries. Please pray for her. This may be done over spring break but she may have to miss the rest of the year.
Here’s a great story. Laverne went to school here through 8th grade. She was a student when we first came here 21 yrs ago. She went to Red Mesa to high school. Later she got “Navajo married” which means she lived with a man but was never legally married. This is a common practice out here. It usually ends up being common law marriage. She and Bernard had three children which are in our school. Not surprisingly they had marriage problems and eventually separated. Last fall Laverne was very depressed but fortunately got out the Bible we gave her for 8th grade graduation. She remembered many of the verses she memorized in school. Well, she gave her life to the Lord — then told Bernard and he trusted Christ as well. They are back together and planning a wedding. Sometimes the seed takes a while to grow but we are reminded to be faithful in sowing and leave the increase to God. Pray for Laverne and Bernard and kids.
Johnny graduates from Emmaus this year and we hope to attend. Then he will be married July 25th in North Carolina and we definitely will attend. He and Kara plan to live in Topeka, Ks where Johnny will work for his brother Rex.
Our daughter-in-law Katie continues to improve. She still is not back to work but is able to handle raising three active children.
Today I go to a planning meeting for a Navajo produced Passion Play. I am hoping many of our believers will participate. Our maintenance situation has improved with the addition of Willard Shannon to the staff. We still need an auto-shop teacher.
We have 9 youth groups scheduled this year. The first is a large group from Hutchinson that will be here in early March. There will be 8 more in the summer. Pray for blessing as the Word goes out into the community.
Thanks so much for your faithful prayers and support. Your partnership in the gospel is a great encouragement.
John & Ruth Bloom