Bloom Newsletter

Dear praying friends,

We have experienced a bit of winter here the past week or so. (The temperature was down to single digits several mornings this week). Also, we have had two light snows and the mountains to the east are snow covered and beautiful. Consequently, it is also time for the huge propane truck to come and fill the tanks. For some reason the price is high right now, so please pray for needed funds. We will probably need another truck in late January, especially if the cold continues. We have used youth groups in the summer to super insulate most of our buildings so that helps.

We are having a great school year. God has confirmed in many ways that we are to have a high school. Not only do we have the needed staff but the students are such a delight this year. They are friendly and responsive to us authority types that it is a joy to teach them. Several of the younger staff have started a youth night once a week and it is well attended. It is called EPIC – Endless Possibilities In Christ. We have six great seniors that really set the example for the others. This is the year for our biannual Jr/Sr trip. They are planning to go to Washington D.C. and New York City. So lots of fundraisers at ball games. We also have a large Jr High with students that are more of a challenge so please pray for wisdom and patience for us.

The Navajo Chapel is growing with a few more Navajo believers coming as well as several anglos from the nearby hospital. Ruth Denny (niece of Anne Denny) who grew up here as a little girl has returned to work at the hospital as a nurse so we see quite a bit of her.

December is busy and fun as we get ready for Community Christmas on Dec 18th and school Christmas on Dec 21. Community Christmas is a day for the community to gather for a Christmas program (put on by the school kids), a message and meal for around 200 people. Pray for open hearts to the gospel message on this day. School Christmas is the last day of school for this calendar year. We have a special chapel and then the students get to open a nice bag of gifts that we have collected for them. Many of you help with nice gifts – making this a special day for our 80 students. Also, this year we are having a big New Years Eve Singspiration. This is being put on by some alumni of the school that want to see the Navajo community and alumni more involved in supporting the school. This is a huge step forward. Pray that many will come and catch a vision for making this a more indigenous work supported by the Navajo community.

I personally have the easiest schedule I’ve had in 16 years. I am only teaching one class – HS Bible, and not coaching at all. Liz McNeal is coaching the girls and Solomon Sun is coaching the boys. We had our first games last night and both teams won! I am still driving the bus and overseeing the food program as well as being the administrator. So glad to see the younger staff bearing more of the load.

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and practical support for us and the mission. God is greatly blessing and we rejoice to be in His service. As we remember His first coming we anticipate His second!!

John & Ruth Bloom