March Newsletter

Hey, everyone!

Well, it has been an exciting week so far and it is only Tuesday!  The past weekend John and Ruth Bloom went to California to promote the mission at a church that has supported us by sending a huge youth group every summer for years, maybe 10 or 11 years now.  Anyway, they had a busy yet good time visiting friends.  On the way home from the airport, Ruth became very sick.  Yesterday around 11.30 am, John had to take her to the hospital.  They thought it was appendicitis; however, some tissue had wrapped around the end of her colon.  The surgery fixed it and she should be home today!  What a relief.  Please pray for a quick recovery for her.
When someone is seriously sick here, it changes everything. When something like this happens, the rest of us need to pitch in  and help pick up the slack.   Ruth is our bookkeeper, so this means she’ll have to play catch-up with her work.  She also goes through boxes that are sent to the mission and writes thank yous to the senders; she invites singles over for meals…half of us on Monday nights, the other half on Tuesday nights.  Ruth is married and takes care of her husband, their cat and dog, and herself. She has children and grandchildren. She prays with other missionaries in the morning.  Ruth does a lot for all of us. Please remember, she is out here serving the LORD, not a contract.  I’m not in any way trying to put down people who are not in “full time ministry”.  Christians serve the LORD wherever they are and with whatever they are doing; on the other hand, it is different out here.  We are an isolated community, living and working together.  We are about two hours from the nearest town and hospital.  Being sick or hurt, affects all of us.
Enough sermonizing!  This week is short because our Spring Break starts Thursday afternoon.  Enough teachers had plans that included leaving on Friday, so John decided not to have school on Friday.  My friend, Kelli Wilson, and I will leave here Friday morning with my dogs and be at my mom’s house Saturday night, God willing! That means I’ll be in my home church for Easter Sunday.  I am looking forward very much to being in the northwest and at the beach.
A couple weeks ago, a young man accepted Jesus as his Savior!  Uryah is in tenth grade.  He talked to Kathy, our school counselor, and said he was ready right then to become a Christian!  It’s so exciting.  Uryah hasn’t had an easy life, and he has made some bad decisions.  He’s gone from a depressed young man to someone that looks happy. He and Kathy are doing a Bible study once a week.  Please keep him in your prayers! Also last week, an old man, Ray accepted the Lord. This was three days before he died.  His son, Roger, had been praying for him for years.  Ray had been a crystal gazer and refused to learn about that “white man’s god”.  Traditional ways were good enough for him.  After his salvation, he urged Roger and his family to share the gospel with and pray for Ray’s wife and unsaved children.  Because of this, I don’t think it was some fake conversion born out of fear, but a genuine acceptance of God as his creator and savior!  Please pray for this family as it is hard to lose a loved one.
Well, it is time for me to go.  I hope to see most of you next week.
Love, Megan Thurston

February Newsletter

February started off with a running start. We’ve had three birthdays in my class this month, not to mention a Valentine’s party. The first weekend of the month we had a carnival here at the school as one of the big fund raisers for the junior/senior trip. They won’t take one this year but are saving up for one next year. It was a huge success. I think one of the biggest attractions was The Jail. For one ticket you could put anyone you wanted to in jail. In order to get out they had to say a memory verse. I was put in jail twice! Good thing that I have had many people over the years encourage me to memorize verses! We had several home basketball games this month, despite the fact that one or two were canceled. Both teams did really well this season. The boys had a 7 and 6 season; the girls were 8 and 5. This weekend is the State Tournament.

For February 10th-12th I went to Emmaus Bible College in Iowa as a representative of Immanuel Mission. Every year the college has a Christian Ministry Seminar. In it several ministries send representatives to tell the students about the opportunities to serve the Lord at their particular camp or mission. I went to represent Immanuel Mission. Last year when I was still just looking at coming down here, I was able to talk to John and Ruth Bloom at CMS. It was great to go this year and talk to other people about the mission. Many of those I talked to this year were still just freshmen or weren’t interested in coming to work here, but still interested in the work that goes on here. We are still looking for several people to fill in gaps in our staff. I also got to participate in a Women’s Ministry panel. There were about 10-11 women on the panel. That was a new experience for me, but I enjoyed it. It was neat to be back in the halls of my old college, but not have the pressure of homework and papers and all that college stuff. I was surprised at how many people I still knew. I was able to have some great conversations with some great people. I stayed the week with my old roommate and her husband. A couple of friends even made the trip to Dubuque to see me. It was great to catch up and hang out with good friends. The travel to and from Iowa was less than ideal, but the time I had there made it more than worth it!

The last weekend this month, several of the women from the mission went on a retreat to Durango. There is a retreat center there that is just for people involved in full-time ministry—and it is free to stay there! It was a wonderful facility. There were 5-6 bedrooms and almost everyone had their own personal bathroom and shower. We had a great time that included shopping (of course!), games, sharing times, prayer, worship, and fellowship. It was a great weekend. I was challenged and encouraged in ways that only the Lord can do. I also enjoyed getting to know the ladies on a more personal level. All in all it was a huge success!

Please continue to pray for me:
Pray for my new student Kenneth as he learns how to listen and obey.
Pray for continual spiritual growth.
Pray for the business of life to not derail me from the more important things.
Pray for my students (and all ages) to be saved and to come closer to the Lord

Much Love,
Kelli Wilson