News in April

Hey all,

When last heard from, my students and I were planning the annual restaurant and my prayer was that God would bless it and do whatever He wanted to in it. God said OK and did. All of our ‘needs’ were provided and the restaurant brought in more money than ever before. We praised God for His answer to those prayers. It was an incredible evening, because of God’s blessing and the HELP from my family out here.

Less than a week later, we headed out on our class trip to Albuquerque, and my prayers were the same. God graciously granted us a wonderful trip. We were accompanied by Miss Denny, our bus driver and my ‘voice of reason’, Mrs. Kathy, who exhibits enthusiasm enough for a whole busload, and Willard, who supplied my ‘close eye on the boys when I can’t be with them’ need. My girls fulfilled their traditional role – putting the boys’ hair into tiny pigtails while the boys followed tradition and put up with it. All of them smiled and waved at pedestrians as we drove through ALBQ. We rode escalators and elevators at the mall, toured the Aquarium and Zoo, swam for 2 hours, finally played Laser Tag (!!!!), rode bumper boats, bumper cars, played mini golf on a flooded course, and did more at a ‘Family Fun’ place.

I am recovering from a fall. I was carrying supper to Hannah’s house, and tripped at the cement, landing on my face, and tossing nacho cheese, shredded cheese, and sour cream as I fell. The chili, Praise the Lord, had already been delivered on the previous “trip”. [I fall in slow-motion, and am wondering, Do you?] I began right away to thank my Lord Jesus for His timing, and to laugh with Hannah, who saw the whole thing and was concerned for my injuries. We couldn’t help but laugh – nacho cheese was EVERYWHERE, although the lid of the small pan landed right back on top of the pan (!) and somehow, an enormous blob of sour cream was on my nose! It still cracks me up! I don’t know how God arranged that, but it was a scream. [I’m so glad you didn’t see it, but I wish I could’ve] Nothing was broken, my bruises are fading, but my shin will remember this for a while yet.

The weather is still snowing once or twice a week, between days that get up to 70. The WINDS have arrived, of course, and we regularly retrieve bits of our belongings from each others’ yards. The upstairs apartment of the new building is coming along. It now has a beautiful deck on it, from which one can almost see Texas, or so it seems.

The Academic Meet is Thurs/Fri in Window Rock. Join me in praying for Anne to enjoy God’s peace – as she is again in charge of the entire event.

Hebrews 4: 14 – 16 has been especially delicious to me lately, as I fail so often, yet look to Christ.

I’ll be in Michigan this summer.

Looking to Jesus, and enjoying Him greatly, Becky Knopf