Connecting With History

Teaching history this year has been both challenging and rewarding. God has been good. In high school, we focused on American government first semester and Navajo history second semester. Navajo history, being completely new to me, presented an opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and teach the students about their own culture. All the hard work turned out to be fun, and I hope the students were able to gain appreciation for their history and people as I did.

The junior high class this year is very spirited, which allows for a more interactive classroom atmosphere. We started in the years prior to the Civil War and will end with World War 1. One of the highlights of my year was the historical themed parties of the Civil War and the Titanic. Several students made era-appropriate food for the class and costumes were encouraged. I hope this year the students were able to connect with history on a deeper level than just memorizing facts.

Danielle Wilson