God With Us –Fall 2014 Newsletter

2014-15 School Year

We are well into the 2014 – 2015 school year. As of Oct 1st we have 86 enrolled. We have 4 seniors ( one who has attended IM for all 13 years) and 11 new kindergarteners.  Many of the kindergarteners are children of former  students. One is the grandchild of a former student. God has provided wonderful teachers and staff so that we could even begin to offer a tutorial program (see article by Julie Snyder). God has also provided funds so we could  purchase  45   new   computers   and         software. We produce our own yearbook and this year our Juniors and Seniors are writing their own novel. God is also continuing to bless the decision to divorce ourselves from the Federal lunch program.   We can offer     nutritious food but students are not forced to take food they do not want, so there is very little waste. Thank you for supporting this   decision and for praying for our school. The school is a very effective tool for reaching families in the Sweetwater community with the gospel.

John Bloom, Principal

 5th/6th Grade Journal Entries

October, 2014

Here are some journal entries from my class this year.  I have them write immediately after Bible Class and we have been reading the book of Acts:

“Dear Miss Becky, I was thinking about this story.  Peter and John weren’t scared and I think about Peter and John and I will say no.”

“Dear Miss Becky, I don’t know if I trust Jesus or money.”

“Dear Miss Becky, When I was thinking about the story it was so scarey when Paul got stoned but when they took him out and right when he jumped up I got excited.”

“How did Paul’s nafew know thay were going to kill Paul?”

“Why come girls can’t go into the tempole?”

“I liked the part when Jesus talked out of the clouds.”

“When Ananias healed Paul, that was cool. I wish I could heal people too.”

Sometimes they ‘understand’ and sometimes they almost get it.  Sometimes they are struggling with deep truths and other times nothing is getting into their hearts or heads.  However, the Holy Spirit is always busy in my room drawing the ones who are His; convicting us of sin, righteousness and judgment.  (John 16:8)

All glory to Him,
Becky Knopf

 A Great Vacation Continues!

A great vacation continues. Year two began for me in July, 2014. Never did I ever in my wildest imagination think missionary life was the life for me. Only on vacation had I been at the Mission in the past, so now as the vacation continues, let me tell you how I’ve been blessed.

First of all, I am allowed to serve the Creator of the universe, primarily as a bus driver and I help with building and maintenance projects.

Second, I am teamed with a group of all-stars. Intellectually, spiritually, and professionally each of my fellow workers  (partners in this ministry) continue to amaze everyday. They are a seriously gifted group of people. Our Creator is Master of human resources.

Third. Since 2013 over 300 Brothers and Sisters have stayed in the guest house where I live, each bringing their talent and enthusiasm to work here. Every one of you are a constant encouragement. Some of the visitors come just to visit.  Former teacher Alice Huff Watt stands out. Many alumni from around the neighborhood and outlying area came to the guest house during Mrs. Watt’s stay here. They were fun to meet and we heard some great stories. Although I don’t remember everyone’s name, I do know that I am meeting and working alongside Gods elect. What an honor to work with and laugh and study and eat… you get the picture. I mean it great people, thank you all.

Fourth. Everyday should be a holiday. I know only God could have put me here. Each day I get up in the morning and actually enjoy what is to be done. Like on vacation. The weather is great; some rain, mostly dry and clear.  Vacation.

Fifth, Many of you have shared your labor and resources. Your continued prayer for the effort here is huge. Thank you. We are all working together and for the Kingdom.  With your help this year we built a house (almost finished), remodeled the Holcomb building to accommodate two teachers, sided and painted a house, painted and resurfaced the gym floor, painted classrooms, built two decks for our neighbors, installed a floor and painted the interior of a house. There is more too… We have accomplished much.

Sixth, did I mention vacation?, I still ‘happy cry’ a little when think of your prayer and the fact so many have joined us in our effort, I’ll sign off now, thank you all.

Thank you, thank you thank you.
Love, Scott Valentine

 Summer Reading Program

The summer reading program was a huge success!  Over 30 people “Buzzed into the Library for a Good Book” on a regular basis this summer and spent hours reading at home.  The participants ranged in age from one to a grandma in her seventies.  The adults and children found reward in reading, and not just because they got prizes.  It was such a joy to hear children excited to go home and read their books and adults who commented they didn’t know reading was so much fun, even better than a    movie!   I am hopeful that the reading portion of the summer reading program will continue throughout the lives of those who participated!

Michele Lawman


My name is Julie Snyder and this is my third year at Immanuel Mission, but my job description is different this year as I am starting a new program to assist struggling learners.  I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do through this new ministry.  This new program has drawn in new students to Immanuel Mission School and is helping us better serve all of our students.  I am working with students either one-on-one or in small groups to help them in areas where they are struggling, specifically reading and math.  Currently, I work with about 15 students at  different times throughout the day.  Some students come to me every day and some students come a few times each week.

This new program is called Illuminate.  I want to shine light on the areas where students are struggling so that those things become clearer.  My goal is to provide them with a quality education that meets their specific needs, but more importantly I want them to see Jesus.  My aim is to make sure that not only my students but also their families see the love of Jesus Christ through this new ministry.  Please pray for my new ministry—pray that the Illuminate program will be an effective tool for helping struggling learners and will prove to add to the ministries of  Immanuel Mission.

Julie Snyder

 Prayer Needs

This past month I had the opportunity to provide music for two funerals.  One was for a World War II Vet, a Code-talker, who had trusted the Lord Jesus for salvation toward the end of his life.  The other was for a former student, a twenty-five year old mother of a Kindergartner, who although she had heard the Gospel over and over again had never responded to God’s call as far as I know.  The contrast was remarkable.  The first funeral was a celebration of a life well-lived and with a future hope of glory.  The second funeral was unbelievably sad with wailing and a little girl’s haunting voice saying, “Mommy, wake up!  Mommy wake up!”

There’s tragedy in a life cut short at an early age, but primarily because she never said yes to Jesus.  We all know of other young people who died gloriously.  Please pray for all who were at either funeral to see the example and live their own life accordingly.  Jesus offers an abundant life to all.  Pray that our community will want that abundant life and set their “affections on things above not on the things of the earth.”

Anne Denny