From my tailgate…

The vacation continues, allow me to explain. ‘What will I do, if I can do anything I want’, like the book with a similar title. You know, like being on vacation all the time. With that thought, I began to pray. I want to paint, and drive around in the desert, (picture Monument Valley), I want to live with purpose, worry free, sheltered, with great people. “I want to serve you God”. (in a secret little room inside my head, I was praying, I don’t want to work too hard Lord). Can I ask that? And to live in a moderate climate too. Why not?

Really, trying to tell you all the things I asked God for, makes it seem like I made this story up after the fact. Strange too, I couldn’t imagine how God would answer my prayer, no idea. It always ended with “if it be Your will”. Encouraged to join a mission team from Northeast Bible Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, going to Immanuel Mission for one weeks’ work in 2013, you can say I never left, or looked back, because that ‘vacation’ is still ongoing! My dream job? I get to drive around with a school bus load of great young people twice a day on the most outrageous roads in the desert! I have a view of Monument Valley and I can paint any time. I’m not praying that old prayer anymore. Those old prayers have all been answered. Now, I can’t imagine a purpose more important. Praise the Lord! This story gets better every time I tell it, which is often.

Scott Valentine