Bloom Newsletter – January 2010

Dear praying friends,

Since Christmas, we have had about 18 inches of snow in Sweetwater. And much of it is still on the ground. This is very unusual. They did grade the roads so the busses have had little trouble. It has been bitter cold as well so the furnaces have been gobbling up the propane. We ordered propane again last week, much sooner than hoped. But God has wonderfully supplied. We’ve had some water lines break in several of the residences but have not missed any school days. There is more snow expected this week. Even Ruth who really loves snow is beginning to look forward to spring. Pray for God’s continued supply of needed resources.

There continues to be relationship problems in the High School and the community in general – mainly between two large families. The problems resulted in some vandalism to a vehicle at a BB game and the subsequent expulsion of one student. Needless to say these are difficult times and we covet your prayers for wisdom and God’s victory.

We enjoyed the ministry of a group of college students from Cedarville University just before Christmas break. They did special chapel times for both the older and younger students. At least two students trusted Christ at these meetings. Pray that these students will be bold in there faith and grow daily.

We had a great Community Christmas day on Dec 12, 2009 with about 250 in attendance. A group from Woodland Park Community Church came to help. The school students put on a nice program celebrating Jesus’ birth. The church also brought some gifts for our students which we gave out the next week at Kid’s Christmas. A church in Iowa also sent gifts. Ruth thinks the kid’s bags were the best we’ve ever given out.

Kelli Wilson’s cousin Abigail Wilson has come to help as a teacher’s aid. She has already been a big help in grading papers, watching the playground and helping students with math. We rejoice that God has kept the staff basically healthy and encouraged.

Ruth and I enjoyed time over the break with all of our kids and grandchildren. On January 11, James and Eryn welcomed Elanor Noel into the world. Eryn is having some issues related to the birth and will have to stay in bed for several weeks. Pray for her speedy recovery. Thanks so much for your continued prayer and support of our labors here. A reminder also that we have a new phone number. 800-2000-351.

John Bloom