From the tailgate of Scott Valentine


ViewWe use our tailgates for working on things at the Mission and around the neighborhood. I’m a Boulder, Colorado native, a life long C.U. Buff and Bronco fan, so tailgating seems natural, especially since the Buff’s are Bowl bound for the first time in years.

Starting now, and working backward, I’ll leave you with a glimpse of current events here at the Mission.

Basketball season started today, November 29, we’re all looking forward to some fun games and we’re cheering for both our teams, gentlemen and ladies, and even yelling at the zebra’s sometimes…

RiverThe year marks a milestone for me, for the very first time, I’m teaching one class. Art, to young high school men, these guy’s are easy going and fun to be around. They’ve made life easy in the classroom. We all seem to be enjoying ourselves, and picking up some things. They are good workers too.

Bus this year has also been such a pleasure. As you may know, the scenery around the Mission is second to none! The weather has been stellar, the roads…. well let’s say they’ve been a bit of a challenge. All in all, another a good bus year so far. Oh, one extremely important part of bus duty is maintenance. This Mission has the best maintenance, thanks to Ranson Tom and Kevin Bielecki, no way this job is possible without those two magicians.Joel and Scott

Joel Page, (Immanuel Mission teacher, and one man IT crew) Joel and I ran in the Monument Valley half marathon, Joel came in third place over all and I came in 41st out of 166 runners. This is our second year running. Last year we did not train. We decided to run the week before the race day. This year, even after training, Joel’s last year time was still better than mine. My Dad used to say, ‘getting old ain’t for sissy’s’.

I’d appreciate prayer for my Mother, (perfect segue) she’s alone. I was with her in Colorado over the Thanksgiving Holiday. We both had a good time catching up. She’d like me to stay with her… But know’s I can’t.

At the Mission we still need a first grade teacher. Currently, Jen Mullen is teaching first. Jen is the real art teacher, as in pro. Being versatile at Immanuel Mission is a requirement. So Jen is doing the work of first grade teacher, but the young people need their art teacher back, so if your praying about a career change that pays eternal retirement for… ever you will be a God send.

SceneryWell that is all for now, check out the mission on Facebook ImmanuelMission@immanuelRez, it’s encouraging when you pray for us and come along side in the work that way. There are Cowboy fans here, and Chief’s fans, and Bronco fans of course. There are workers using their tailgates only for business of reaching people with the good news. The next time you see a pick’em up truck, think of us here at the Mission.

We love you!

Scott Valentine