Darryl the Donkey

One of the first things I noticed using Zoom was that the children struggled with paying attention to a little image of me on a small screen. I had been praying for the Lord to give me a clever idea and He did!  One day after a scheduled break the hand puppet “Darryl the Donkey” showed up to teach math instead of me.   I had to      position myself off-screen, but I could still see their    faces, and every one of them was totally engaged. They all were eager to answer any and all questions Darryl asked them. The 30-minute time slot flew by, and the kids actually seemed sorry that the worksheet was  completed and Darry had to leave…before Mr. Jim showed up. Isn’t it comforting to know that the Almighty God of the universe has the time to give an idea to a teacher in order to help a handful of students have a better school day!

Jim Price 2nd and 3rd grades

Boxes of Food

It was a blessing to be able to help out our elders and families in our community with packages of food every other week all summer. The workers were, Lees, Bielekies, Begayes, Curleys, Maddee Dee, Lorena Herbert, and us, the Hosteens.

It was a special experience  during this pandemic. Each family and elder really looked forward to   our visits  and  enjoyed  our  testimonies that  we  included in with our care  packages of fresh     vegetables, fruit, meat and cleaning supplies.  Some just wanted to sit and talk with us because at that time they were very lonely. One time we just had to take pictures of the elders, the ones on our list (the Hosteen’s). Some were very shy  and some wanted to make sure that they looked  good which was  sweet.   The grandmas were very adorable.

Tiffany Hosteen