In September and October of 2012, Jim and Lynn Adams of came to create a video for Immanuel Mission.  Here is a link to the videos.

Tour of Immanuel Mission (6 minute tour)

Trailer for Immanuel Mission: God With Us (2 minute trailer to the short documentary)

Immanuel Mission: God With Us (30 minute short documentary)

Immanuel Mission: Esther Yazzie (5 minute interview of Esther Yazzie Navajo Language and Culture teacher)

All of the above

Now is the Time

Recently our assembly held its fall camp meeting. This is like a gospel outreach and conference all in one. One of our Jr. High girls, Shantelle, responded to the gospel and accepted Christ as Savior. She is the granddaughter of one of our Navajo elders. It is fun to see the change in her countenance. Immediately she wanted to get her cousins and siblings together on Sunday morning for Sunday school which she taught. Also, we heard that recently an older grandfather, Dean Paul, has trusted the Lord. His wife has been a believer for many years but he has always seemed hard to the gospel. His two grand-daughters are in our school. We are rejoicing that God’s word is bearing fruit in our community. Another lady, Lucy, approached me at fellowship lunch about taking communion. She had trusted the Lord years ago but had strayed away. Recently she has come back to the Lord, been attending regularly on Sunday, but was not sure about taking communion. It was neat to see her excitement in taking part for the first time in many years last Sunday. Please pray for these new believers.
John Bloom