The Rest of the Story

Well–we took off down the road believing that the car was fixed. All was well for about eighty miles. The roads were even clear for most of them. But then, the old problem came back–I guess you’d call it missing. Occasional at first, and then more untilinstead of just missing, it was completely gone. Fortunately a patrolman showed up almost instantly, took us back to Holly, CO where we waited for Ken Madgwick (our rescuer more than once) to tow us back to his house. He loaned us a pickup, and once more the next day we were on our way. We got home at about 1:30 am last night, and are thanking God for safety and good friends. So here we are back to the business of teaching. Pray for us as we hit the road running (and not missing!)
Love, Barbara Valdois (for us both)