News from Anne

Dear Friends,

I thank the Lord that you are joining us in the work He is doing here at Immanuel Mission. I shared recently at a Ladies Missionary Conference in Fullerton, California. The Lord gave me the story about the demon-possessed boy that the disciples weren’t able to help. In Mark 9:29 Jesus says, “This kind cannot come out by anything but prayer.” It feels like much of the work we are involved in here at Immanuel Mission is like that demon possessed boy. There is so much we cannot do without the help of your prayers. I’m so encouraged that we are not alone in this work.

We saw one of our women who comes regularly to our craft class trust the Lord this winter and then within a few weeks her faith was shaken and we despaired of her continuing in her new walk with the Lord. But He is faithful and she is coming again and slowly trusting us and, I hope, the Lord more and more. Another woman has begun coming to church with her mother and we see her also drawing closer to saving faith in the Lord Jesus. Since Valentine’s Day, a whole new group has started coming each week to our craft class. These are Lorena Herbert’s sisters and nieces. We’ve been praying for Lorena’s family for years and her nieces attended or attend our school. We would be thrilled if the Lord chooses this year to be the time He saves Lorena’s family. Keep praying.

The rest of the year will go by in a blur I am sure. We are a month away from the Academic Meet that we participate in with three other mission schools. I am in charge of the event and don’t have Debbie Nininger to help me this year so pray that I’ll find someone else or that God will provide time and energy to do it myself. That seems to be how He has provided for us this year—not with permanent staff but with extra energy and short term helpers that have been a great encouragement. The day after the Meet is over, I go with the Blooms and the 11 th and 12th graders on a week long trip to NYC and DC. I am excited to go with them but will need to prepare for a substitute for my 4th graders while I am gone. I have some who are praying about subbing for me, but don’t have it locked in yet. Darrel Valdois is now driving the bus so we are thanking the Lord for that. It is kind of fun to look back over the year and see how God has provided for us just at the right time and just the right amount. We’ve seen him fill jar after jar of oil and make the flour last until the next rain time and time again.

I am thankful that the Lord has let us be hungry this year so that He could fill us and we would more clearly know it was from Him. Continue to pray about staff for next year. There are several that are praying and planning to come. John Bloom knows more than I about the specifics in that area. It is looking like I will get to go back to upper grades music and math. I took a week off of consumer math with my 11th and 12 th graders and did Driver’s Ed. for a week. That was fun. Two have gotten their driver’s licenses and two plan to soon. Three aren’t 18 so will need to finish the process with a parent. Ok, now I’m just rambling.

Talk to you later,

Anne Denny