November Newsletter

Merry Christmas to you! I have been in the Christmas mood soooo much this month. I am ready to go home and see my dad and my family. I hope that you have a great Christmas with family and friends as you remember Christ’s birth and sacrifice for us!

I had the joy of being in the wedding of my former roommate (Elaine Walter to Eric Evers) at the beginning of this month. It was neat to see the way that the Lord helped with the arranging of my transportation to get to the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and yes, I did cry. But I know that Elaine and Eric will have a great marriage as they continue to focus on the Lord!

Thanksgiving for me was a restful time. A group of about 20 or so people were visiting Anne Denny for the holiday. Also, everybody from the mission stayed here for the holiday. We started the day with a pie breakfast at Dorothy Harvey’s house. The idea is that since everybody is always too full for pie after the big meal, let’s just eat it for breakfast first that morning. I loved the idea!!! Then for lunch we all ate a big meal down in the school cafeteria. We each brought a dish or two and had a great time. It was a fun day and then I had the rest of the weekend to get caught up on some much needed sleep.

I have had a couple bouts with a cold this month. I even sick on my own birthday—how lame is that. But the Lord worked it out that since I was home sick, I was also home when my grandma called to wish me a happy birthday—it was so nice to be able to talk to her when I was sick. One of my students also had a birthday this month. She shared her birthday with a kindergarten student—so we all got together and watched a movie and ate purple cupcakes!

I do believe that we all teacher’s and students alike are looking forward to Christmas break. I always anticipated it as a child—but I never knew that I would anticipate it even more as a teacher!!! I find myself saying, “Let’s just go read a book instead of…” We have the countdown going—only 13 days til Christmas!!! Have a Merry Christmas!

In Him,
Kelli Wilson