News from Becky

Hey all!

Here I am on the ‘past tense’ side of our class restaurant, praising God for how it turned out.  I always fight worrying about it, and at the last moment, I fling myself on God and let Him do it His own way.  [Wisdom in action, huh?]

This year, we tried something that worked well:  People paid for what they wanted when they first came in and were given tokens.  The tokens were then redeemed at various places around the edge of the gym.  We had tablecloths and flowers (and salt) on all the tables, which were in the central area of the gym, so it still had the feel of a restaurant, but the kitchen itself was not a ZOO!

The sweetly superb Sarah Sun sang ‘saintly’ songs, serenading ‘supping’ spectators throughout the evening.  Anne Denny was our cashier, Miss Kelly was at the dessert table, Mr. V was at the Mutton Stew & Frybread table, Melissa baked Pizza, Mrs V. grilled burgers, Miss MEgan started the Navajo Tacos/Burgers on their way, Kathy served 120 drinks, the staff baked cherry pies, helped with set-up and tear-down, and Flash made a short DVD of it all.  Everyone here helped.  God brought in $700!  You can look at a video about it on the Mission website:

None of it was ready to go at 6 P.M. when we opened our doors [!!!!!], but one great thing about Navajos is that the same character trait in them that brings frozen hamburger patties and frybread dough into the kitchen at 5:50 P.M. [!!!!!] is also willing to patiently wait around for the food to be cooked – with out so much as a single complaint.  When will I ever remember that?

At 7 o’clock, the frybread crew in the kitchen, having served their time, merrily waved good-bye.  At first, I panicked.  Then I began scrambling through the busy restaurant, approaching every Navajo woman I knew, begging her to come to the kitchen and pat out frybread.  Three of them gazed up at me, mouths full, and nodded “OK”, and the restaurant continued.  Thank you for your support in prayer!

We have 1 month left of school.  It amazes me how God brings us through year after year.  It’s a delight to Him, but it ‘floors’ me.  The Valdois’ and MEgan are leaving I.M., that’s 3/5 of the Jr. High/High school faculty AND 2/4 of the bus drivers!  Help!  Come!  Drive!  Teach!  Pray on, if nothing else! [I’m talking to you]

THANK YOU for being a part of the work out here where “God is with us”

Because HE is, Miss Becky Knopf