Becoming the bookkeeper was a very hard thing for me. Since I knew that the Lord wanted me to do it, I kept at it even though I did not like the job. I felt overwhelmed and not adequate for the task. Some days I would sit at my computer screen filled with dread wondering why everything disappeared when I hit that key and how can I make it come back?

One day in church Greg described his idea of the worst kind of job…one where you sat in a small room all by yourself for hours at a time looking at a small screen and typing in numbers. I almost raised my hand…that’s me!! I cried out to the Lord and He answered, but not quickly by my standards.
I recently realized that I liked my job….a lot, and was now happy doing it. I was amazed and told my husband about it. He said, “That’s great Ruth, that only took 4 years.” I am truly rejoicing to see that the Lord, only, can change the heart.
I am also rejoicing to see the Lord provide the needs of the Mission. I get to see it firsthand everyday as I open letters and see the Lord provide the funds we need to keep on ministering here in this place. The Lord apparently is not struggling with a recession. I am humbled and thankful to see His provision.
Ruth Bloom