Every year our students participate in an Academic Meet/Fine Arts Festival with nearby (only 3 hours away) mission schools. I’ve been organizing the academic portion of this event for several years and because of helpful coworkers things went swimmingly. Our students worked on art projects and social studies reports all year that we saved to submit to the contest.
In early spring we began learning songs for the mass choir and preparing small ensembles and solos and instrumental (recorder and guitar) pieces. The days of the event went well. There was a musical concert the first evening after the day of performing for judges and practicing with students from other schools. The following day was full of academic tests, Sword Drills, Bible Memory recitations, speeches, and spelling bees.
It was a great time to see other Native American students learning the same things and singing the same songs to our glorious Father. The students came home with many ribbons and medals. It was fun to honor the students for academics and music and to be reminded that God is working all over the Navajo reservation, not just in our little corner.
Anne Denny