School Startup

The school currently has 79 students enrolled for this school year. We have three senior boys who are anxious to graduate. Several families moved off the reservation for work so our numbers are down a little from last year. We have adequate staff although we can always use more help. We are happy to have Michele Lawman back on staff. She left three years ago to finish her schooling and now has returned a fully certified teacher. We also welcome Elizabeth McNeal from MO. as a teacher’s aide and coach. She also teaches Jr. High science and substitutes for sick teachers. We have had some sickness among the students but thankfully no H1N1 as of yet. All the teachers are staying healthy so far. Our new auto shop program is operational this year. Six upper class boys are learning about small engines, body work and car repair. Greg Staley agreed to teach the class for one year so still be spreading the word that we need a long term teacher for this program. We also need another high school teacher and/or coach.
John Bloom