Introducing New Staff

I am the new Kindergarten teacher here at Immanuel Mission for the 2012-13 school year.  I’m from Livermore, California.  I come from a family of teachers.  My father is a P.E. Teacher and coach, my brother teaches Social Science, and my sister is a Special Education Aide as she pursues becoming a Speech Pathologist.  After my second Mission trip to Immanuel Mission this last summer, I realized I loved the people and Mission here. I mentioned this to a dear mentor of mine and she told me that Immanuel Mission is looking for a Kindergarten teacher. My first thought was I’m not qualified. She said I didn’t need a degree. Then I thought, I couldn’t do this. But my mind kept going and I prayed without ceasing about this opportunity.I came home and mentioned this to my parents and they supported me from the start. With my parents back up, I emailed John Bloom to get some of the logistics and ask what the qualifications are for this job. He told me that they would prefer that their teachers have at least a bachelor’s degree and that a woman with one was interested in this job. Since it is kindergarten they have some leeway, and they still could use some help. Later I emailed him back asking if I could come and help wherever they need me. His response was that now they needed a kindergarten teacher because the other person was being called elsewhere and… how soon could I come? So within the next two weeks, I made all the arrangements and boarded a plane to Durango on August 9. Until school started on the 20th, I participated in training and tried to make a home out of a trailer. I did not know exactly what I needed or what my new little home would look like but I knew God was in the details. People at home were shocked by my sudden decision.  But I believe God does not call the enabled, He enables the call. In Matthew 4, Jesus asked plain old fishermen to “Come, follow me” and Simon Peter and Andrew left their nets and followed Jesus. And so did I.