Kelli’s Spring Newletter

Dear Friends,

It’s Spring Break and a lovely day, so I decided to send you all an update letter.  My biggest news, which most of you have already heard, is that I moved into the new duplex that was built this summer!!!!!!  I’ve been living here for approximately 6 months.  Thanks to everyone that made it possible!  It is such a blessing to live in a new, warm, well-built (with love) home.  I’m still rearranging furniture and organizing closets, but it definitely feels like ‘home’.

There are approximately 6 weeks of school left and I’m hoping we all make it.  The Friday that Spring Break began, I had a couple boys that wanted to stay after school and get caught up on all their work.  It took every teacher instinct in me to be able to say ‘yes’.  All I know is that this teacher was ready for Spring Break.  I think God has been extra gracious to me this year; sending me breaks at just the right time, giving me the grace to hold on until then, and letting the breaks completely refresh and rejuvenate me.

Many of you have been praying for a student of mine, Raven, and her family.  I wanted to thank you so much for your prayers and give you an update.  Raven and her brother and sisters have only been attending our school for a few years, but there the Lord has already made a huge difference in their lives.  Raven’s mother told Raven she would do anything for her and Raven asked her mother to pray with her.  And now they often pray together as a family.  I tear up every time I think about this 12 year old girl pointing her mother to the Lord.  Please continue to pray for Raven’s family.  Pray that the Lord will continue the work He began.  Pray that Raven’s mother will continue to trust the Lord in hard times and will grow in her trust and faith in Him.  Pray for Raven’s father to trust in the Lord as well.

While you’re praying, would you also pray for…

  • My students to survive Jr. High and to make decisions that would honor the Lord.  Pray that we’ll catch them and help them not to do wrong.
  • Staff needs at Immanuel Mission for next year.  As far as I’m aware we have some people interested in teaching Kindergarten but no commitments yet.  We also still need someone to help out in maintenance, a new school cook, and someone to help with computers and technology.  We are excited for a new art teacher and a new HS history teacher.  Pray that they’ll adjust well to life on the Rez and as missionaries.

Thank you for all your prayers!  It means so much to me to know that there are many members of Christ’s body working together to see His mission accomplished in me and here at Immanuel Mission.  I look forward to seeing many of you this summer, or in His perfect time, in Heaven.


Your Sister-In-Christ,

Kelli Wilson