All Things for Good

God works all things for good to those who love him. I’ve been thinking about this in regard to our playground. For years the health inspector had recommended that we replace our homemade playground fort with a commercial apparatus. I strongly resisted tearing down a perfectly good fort and spending the money for an updated playground. Finally, the inspector insisted. So about this time last year I bought a used apparatus on Ebay and went to NJ to get it. We have had to purchase some slides that were missing but the manufacturer also donated about $3,000 worth of equipment. In all we’ve spent over $10,000.  We gave it a fresh coat of paint, installed it and it looks great. But the wonderful thing is how much the children enjoy it. I love sitting outside and watching 20 or so kids climbing, sliding and enjoying the new playground. They use the new one much more than the old fort I tried to hold onto. So, even though the inspection was a trial, it has in many ways made us make improvements that have benefited the school children.

John Bloom

3 Replies to “All Things for Good”

  1. This is so encouraging! Love this new site! Looks great! Thinking about you all as you serve…hope you are getting some much needed rest now.


  2. Thank you John for being the leader to your team at Immanuel Mission. I just reviewed the media and said prayers for each person i saw in the video. Thank you for your faithfulness to continue the work God has blessed you with and yes you all are a blessing to the community there. My daughters say that every Missionary has led them by example including their parents, who are on a mission trip to Czech Republic with their Heights Church team to help at a youth camp. We are all learning from you and all the missionaries, Thank you Jesus.
    you can find them at n go to Czech team update #2 . My e mail address changed as my account was hacked into 3 times. God Bless you all. Thanks for such an amazing site.


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