We, Susan and Jim Price, left our family and church family in St. Louis, Missouri and arrived here at Immanuel Mission on August 1 st , 2013. Our chapel’s youth group had just returned that June from spending a week ministering here, and during the follow-up announcement to our church it was mentioned that a kindergarten teacher and a maintenance man were needed for the next school year. Just as soon as we heard that, we both knew that was exactly what the Lord wanted us to do, but we didn’t know the Lord had spoken to each of us until after the meeting. Imagine our joy when we compared notes and discovered that the Lord was clearly telling both of us to go serve Him at Immanuel Mission!

Although our main responsibilities at this time are teaching kindergarten and handling building maintenance, we have both actively sought the Lord’s direction in pursuing other ways of serving the Lord and His people. We enjoy ministering in areas such as leading Bible studies, teaching at the mission church, distributing and grading Emmaus correspondence Bible courses, and mentoring young people. Through the use of puppets and other visual aids Susan gets to daily enjoy the privilege of presenting the gospel of our loving God to her kindergartners. We can only imagine how the Lord will use His Word in their lives, maybe even being the one the Lord uses to reach their families with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Sometimes we are asked how we were able to adjust to living out here in the middle of the high desert of Arizona, so far from stores, doctors, post office, etc. That adjustment came easier than we expected, because the Lord gives us all the grace we need to serve Him. This is just as true for those living elsewhere as it is for us here at the mission. It encourages us when we hear how other saints are serving the Lord where they live and work. Please pray for us, that the Lord would be pleased to keep using us here, and that we would be faithful to Him in our lives and service for Him.

Jim & Susan Price

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  1. We appreciate the updates on the Misson there. It’s easy to forget some ministries……years ago we kept
    more in touch with Bob and Betty Staley as we worked with Ruth Sheldrake at Gospel Folio Press …..Ruth and Betty were sisters and Ruth would not let us forget the Mission. The Lord bless the efforts there and we will seek to pray more for you all.
    Tim and Hazel


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