Not much has changed in 6000 years!

God:  ‘Did you eat from the tree?’

Adam:  ‘The woman whom thou gavest me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.’

God:  ‘What is this thou hast done?’

Eve:  ‘The serpent beguiled me and I did eat.’

[Genesis 3:11 – 13   BC 4000]

Recently, I gave four students discipline sentences for throwing bites of food up   into the air to catch in their mouths during our lunch meal.  I wouldn’t have minded if they had actually caught the bits – but they rarely did, and that left quite a few on the floor.  The Cook stormed over and told the kids, in no uncertain terms, that they were going to have to sweep up the mess!

Later that day, I talked with them  about  their  actions and the reason for the sentences.  At the top of the page, I had them express the reason they were given sentences, forcing them to think about it and confess to what they did.  Renee’s read, “because Amy and Troy did it and I wanted to do it,” and it made me think . . . not much has changed in 6,000 years!

Becky Knopf (4th and 5th grade teacher)

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