Secret Sister Slip-Up

I sat surrounded by sweet ladies,  waiting expectantly for the revealing of each Secret Sister. I had been Tiffany Hosteen’s Secret  Sister for the past 5 months, putting little gifts and notes in her mailbox to encourage her. I had tried pretty hard to remain secretive and kept glancing her way while all the ladies were  talking to get an idea of whether she suspected her Secret Sister was me.  Before  each  person opened their final Secret Sister gift, they would guess who had been their Secret Sister. When Tiffany’s turn came, I held my breath, hoping she would at least guess  someone else before suspecting  me.  To  my  dismay,  she immediately muttered,   “I know who it was.  It was Abi.” I sat there, horrified, wondering how ever she could be so sure. Tiffany than proceeded to tell how, after signing the first few Secret Sister notes with the typical “Your Secret Sister” or “SS,” I signed the third or fourth note with my NAME!!!  Needless  to  say,  I was  pretty   embarrassed, though quite amused as well. We all laughed together  and  enjoyed  the comical relief or the moment. For over 30 years, the ladies of Immanuel Mission have participated in  Secret  Sisters,  making  an  effort  to   intentionally  encourage each  other in the work that we do here. Even though there was no “secret” for my Sister this time, it was a true joy to get to pray for and show love to  this  dear  friend.  I  was extremely   encouraged by the notes and personal gifts from  Ginny, who had been my Secret Sister. They each came at the perfect time and lifted my spirits. So, take time to do the little things. Reach out in love to your siblings in Christ. Be intentional about loving them and continually pointing them back to Christ. Even if you slip up from time to time, the encouragement is never in vain. Thanks again for your prayers and for the words of  encouragement and gifts of love you contribute to the ministry here at Immanuel Mission. Your labor is truly not in vain and you remind us that ours isn’t either.

Love in Christ,

Abigail Renth– I Corinthians 15:58

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