Anne Moffitt leaves a precious footprint  

I am finishing up my final school year as the preschool teacher at Immanuel Mission.  While it’s been a challenging 3 years of establishing a program due to ever-changing Covid restrictions, we have been able to serve 20 different preschoolers in our community during this time.  From the classroom to the home to the classroom again, the preschool program has continued to address children’s academic, social-emotional, and spiritual needs.

   As I head back to Oklahoma this summer to continue my graduate studies in education, I will miss these children and this program.  I will miss my little bodyguard who punches anyone else who tries to hold my hand.  I will miss hearing “Hey, Moffitt!” yelled across the playground.  I will even miss the dinosaur obsession that takes over the classroom no matter what else I try to interest preschool boys in.  But most of all I will miss talking about the character of God and the work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross with these little souls. 

  Please pray for the preschool program going forward.  Tiffany Hosteen is planning to take over the program in the fall; she is doing an amazing job as my co-teacher this year!  I look forward to seeing how the Lord will use what I started long after I’m gone.  “Commit your works to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” Proverbs 16:3 

   Anne Moffitt 

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