Bielecki Family of 6,7,8 …9!

We are the Bielecki Family, Kevin & Brie, with our 7 sons and baby Andrew due any day now! Our family is in our 8th year sharing life here in Sweetwater, the Lord has given us many different opportunities to serve Him in such a variety of ways! As a family, we really enjoy and have seen our boys grow exponentially through the Open Shop mechanic ministry.

Tim (16) is a senior this year and grew much this summer through attending an intensive discipleship program, and is looking forward to possibly going to the Gap Year Program at Camp Elim next year. Zeke (15) is a sophomore, and very excited about learning drums and guitar. Micah (12) inspires many with his detailed drawings and also loves playing guitar and singing! Josiah (11) is an avid reader and has such a servant’s heart, he can’t wait to get better at guitar as well to play for church. Daniel (8) is enjoying learning piano from Ms. Susan this year and learning the blessings of serving others. Caleb (7) loves making people laugh and has bundles of energy to play with friends of all ages anytime!

As a family, we are excitedly anticipating the home birth of baby Andrew Nehemiah this month, he is already very loved by his many Navajo grandmas! Thank you for your support and encouragement of our family, we are daily amazed at God’s provision and how He works in our lives and the lives of our neighbors here as we see His hand at work!

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