From the Tailgate–Scott Valentine

News from the mission is easy because there is always something going on. My bus is full with 22 students. Some ride intermittently, but for the most part they look forward to school.

For the first eight weeks of classes the ‘Big Wash’ had a ‘wash out’ on average, every other week. Now there is a culvert! That may not sound very newsy, but it’s such a relief not having to back up the bus next to a muddy cliff. The students on the bus are great and we have lots of friendly fun during the ride.

Four teams worked this summer and one during fall classes. So we are still getting work done in the neighborhood. Kevin Bielecki is heading up the work projects, and many on the mission staff join in leadership roles making improvements on our campus and around the area. 

Please continue praying because in between all the work the good news gets squeezed in there. Pray the efforts bring results.                                                                            Scott Valentine

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