September Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends,
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who paid infinitely more than we are worth to purchase us back for Himself.
Our school year is now in full swing, I’ve given tests in every class, hosted two fundraisers for the Jr. Sr. trip and am planning on a field trip with the high schoolers to the Grand Canyon this Wednesday for a music festival.  I am thrilled to be teaching high school kids most of the day with a general music class for each elementary class in the afternoons.  I try to stay ahead of the kids in geometry, by doing the lesson I’m about to teach, Consumer Math is a breeze as I’ve taught it before, and I read the government book about four times so that I’m ready to lecture on the topic each day.  When I taught elementary school, I had no appreciation for the preparation that goes into teaching older students.  It takes a lot more work to be sure I know more than the students about the topic I’m teaching.  I actually have a little more free time in each day this year and it is fun to see how the Lord is filling it up for me.  One of my seniors is taking Navajo govt. and language on line and stays after to work on the internet.  I read over her shoulder and am learning a lot too.  I mostly drive the bus only in the mornings so am able to work with her several days a week.  I’ve filled in minimally for Ruth Bloom these last few weeks while she’s in Iowa with Davey and Katie.  That involves making deposits and paying the staff who get weekly pay.  I’ve gained an appreciation for what Ruth does and am eager for her return around the 22nd.
Our women’s craft class is going to start in October and we hope to do some cooking together for a while.  A Navajo brother, Gerald Harvey, has cooked for the school and also at Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.  He plans to teach the class.  I am excited to have a Navajo teaching it, but another Navajo believer wonders if our grandmas who come will be as receptive to a male.  It is something to pray about.
Please also pray for our high school students.  We are looking to the Lord for a revival this year among the teens.  There are several who are Christians but so far haven’t been able to stand up to peer pressure and be bold about their faith among their classmates.  I’m praying that we will see the Lord work powerfully through them and change the pressure at our school to be more like Jesus, not less.  I think since my school work load is lighter this year, I may have more energy for extracurricular activities.
We’ve all been enjoying the idea that the Lord will return this fall at the feast of the Trumpets—Rosh Hashannah.  It falls on Sept. 29-30 this year.  So I close with this variation on the traditional Jewish expression;
Next year in Heaven,
Anne Denny