News from Becky

Hey All!
School’s IN!  I have 18 kids in my 5th/6th grade classroom.  They do pretty well trying to get the hang of mathematical principles (sort of), letter formation, biblical concepts (somewhat), etc. until 1:35; then, it is unbearably hot in our room and it is a struggle to concentrate.  I keep 2 fans running from 6:30 A.M. till 3 P.M.  ‘Ooo-da-lolly,’ I’ll be glad when the Fall temperatures show up!  I believe just 2 or 3 of my new-to-me 5th graders do not know the Lord Jesus Christ personally, while the others seem to have at least a passing acquaintance with JESUS.  Do pray with me for Tomika, Justin, Laqueta, Lashaunda, DeBryanna, Brianna, Cleandro, Angel, Crystal, and Amanda.  My sixth graders could actually use your prayers, too, so here we go:  Rheyland, Micah, Jaqueta, Vandelia, Terence, Brandale, Joshua, and  Ethan.  Thanks and Amen!Our new staff members, Hannah Barr (2nd grade), Cindy Lauersdorf(1st grade), and Becky Allen (H.S./Jr. High Science, Spanish, and English) are doing well.  They are welcome here, and stay very, very busy.  They have an amazing confidence that comes from being good friends with God!I am gung ho on collecting Box Tops for Education this year and Mel Meinzinger is gathering Campbell’s UPCs (aka bar codes)

Let’s talk dental, shall we?  I am having to have not one, but two crowns replaced.  So, already having paid $600+ per crown, I now get to pay again – $850 each.  [Do not complain, do not complain, do not complain, Numbers 11:1]  So, I asked the LORD GOD to provide that money for me from un-‘usual givers’ and I tacked the dental bill on my bedroom wall (to remind God, y’know)   I have been writing in amounts as they come in.  The first tooth has been paid for as of last Thursday, and I ‘merrily merrily’ walked in to the office and forked over that whole amount!  I am amazed afresh at my God’s ability to provide – I don’t know why . . . George Muller isn’t the ONLY one with a direct line!  Still, it excites me – which is odd, because what do I have that God hasn’t provided, after all?  [Can you spell nothing?]

Thank you again and again for your support of the work at Immanuel Mission.  Maranatha!

As usual, I am struggling with getting out of God’s way and letting Him get on with His work.  [We both like to lead, we both have plans for Him to carry out, and we both have a time schedule in mind]  Do pray for me to let God lead.

I wouldn’t be out here if it weren’t for God working through you,

Thanks, Becky Knopf . . . Psalm 52:9