Summer Youth Groups

We had a great summer with the various youth groups. Our main project was to build a duplex on the Mission campus. It consists of two one bedroom apartments. It has gone up so fast that one side is 100% done and occupied and the other side about 90% done. We are waiting on electricity to be turned on and gas hooked up in the second apartment.
Pray for needed funds to complete this project. We are about $1,000 short of what is needed to finish. God has provided much of the materials through donations and some through timely auctions. This  housing is for some of our single staff who are crowded into various apartments. You can see pictures of the duplex on our Facebook

We  baptized six Navajo believers this summer. This is a huge step for us and for them. It was prompted by a young man named Lenny who had professed Christ last summer. When I asked him if he was still following the Lord he responded by saying “yes, and I want to get baptized this year”. Well, it kind of snowballed from there and five others also asked for baptism. So we filled up one of our trash dumpsters with water (cleaned it first) and immersed them in front of many family and friends. Some Navajo Christian leaders are reluctant to baptize believers right away after salvation as they have seen so many profess, then fall away. Pray for wisdom as we need to see more take this important step.

John Bloom