“The More the Merrier!”

The buzz in 3rd and 4th grade is the continued addition of more students to our classroom. God has blessed our school with amazing news kids this year. Since the beginning of the year, I have received three more returning students to go with three completely new students. My roster is up to seventeen students now! This is the class size that I have dreamed about for Immanuel School. I like using the word roster like a team roster. Even though we are one of the larger classes, we are still a very tight knit team. We work very hard at believing in each other and relying on each other’s roles to accomplish tasks. God is our captain and He knows how to manage all of our different personalities. It is wonderful to see how God works in His way, which makes our teambuilding fun to be a part of. Each of my seventeen students is special to have. I am especially grateful for the return of 4th grade sisters that I have asked my supporters to pray for in the past. These girls are a very sweet, brave duo to have as students. They have experienced real hurt in their family lives. They have come back to us safe, yet continue to go through turmoil at home. Their return to our school was delayed due to being released from a children’s home that they were placed in over the summer, as well as other decisions needing to be made regarding custody. I prayed to see them when I returned in the fall and having to wait for them the first three weeks was difficult. God answers prayer, He protects, and He has a plan for their lives. I definitely believe in their self-worth. God cherishes these little girls. Obviously, I had concerns as their teacher to what affects the most recent trauma at home and being in child-protective services may have had. What I see to this point is the Holy Spirit filling these girls with the strength and resiliency that only God can give. They returned to my class with such open hearts, smiles, to learn more and seemed almost better equipped to handle my teaching. They have come to school everyday so far, as believers, more appreciative, more eager and confidant, happier. This is a happiness from Jesus in the face of evil. These girls are teaching me more than they know. God is in control, which means that He knows what and who is to best carry out the plans for all of us. For these girls, I just know that the intervention and efforts of those who took care of them in the past and during the summer were directed by God, whether they knew it or not. Thank God for the work of many others, who I don’t know, but who certainly took an interest in these girls and helped to protect them. Please continue to say a prayer for all the children of this school. Help to build a prayer barrier around their homes so that the evil one can’t get through. Please pray for our homes and pressures of the devil all around us. Nothing is more powerful than your prayer. Thank you.

Solomon Sun