Mission Phones

As some of you may know, our setup for the Mission phone had a single VoIP line. This meant all phone calls relied on our satellite internet connection. We are still under contract for this phone for another school year, but I realized there were many problems with the phone connection being weak and delayed as the need for an internet connection increased at our school and homes.

We have been doing a lot to try to improve the mission phone system over the past couple of months. We have purchased a wireless home phone. This device relies on cellular technology to make calls over a traditional phone line. Cell coverage is not great in our area, so I have been taking steps to find the best outdoor antenna to maintain a strong signal for this device.
The current set up for the phones is as follows:

830-200-0351: This number is a google voice number. Its purpose is to forward you to the correct number that may be subject to change.

Things to keep in mind:

  • We only have one line for all the home phones, so if you are not able to get through please be patient and try again after a short time.
  • Again, we only have one line for all the home phones, so try not to use it longer than needed. Our rule is never longer than 20 minutes.
  • If you are not able to reach someone over the phone, try an alternate means. Cell phone coverage has been stronger out here and most cell phones work if placed by a window or are outside. Email or social media could also be used.

Common things you may encounter:

  • Calling the number results in a ring for a long time without the automated attendant picking up
    Only one person can listen to the automated attendant at a time. If someone else just called in, and is listening for the right extension this is what you will encounter.
  • The message “Cellular one could not complete the call as dialed.”
    The wireless home phone is not able to get a signal strong enough to establish a call.

Joel Page

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