20 More Chairs!

News from Navajo Immanuel Chapel

News from NIC is not often included in the   Mission newsletter but such great things are happening in the local fellowship that it’s time to share some of it. For many years we tried to get the local Navajo believers to take more part in the church (i.e. teach Sunday School) but    often the response was ” No, you missionaries can do it better.” However, recently we have seen tremendous growth in both numbers and desire to be involved in the local church. Now young Navajo believers (many who graduated from our school) are taking responsibility.   Sunday School teachers, song leader, youth leaders and Mom’s group planners are all    Navajos. People are inviting their friends and relatives to church. We recently bought 20 more chairs anticipating even more growth. Please pray that souls will be saved and we will continue to grow both in numbers and in spirit led worship to our Savior.

John Bloom Pastor/Elder

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