Ya’at’eeh t’aa’anolso. Shi ei Lorena yinishye.

(It is good to y’all.  My name is Lorena.)                                 

I don’t remember if I ever wrote an article in all the years I’ve been at Immanuel Mission.  I am now going on my 23rd year.  It seems like I’ve been here forever, but again it also seems like it was just yesterday that I moved to the Mission.  In all these years, I’ve been doing many different things; I’ve taught 2nd grade, substituted, taught  Navajo  Culture, and led both group Bible studies and one-on-one studies.  Right now, I’m reaching out to our community by doing visitation.  During Christmas time I visit with the shut-ins and give them a gift and the Gospel.  In the summer, I organize the V.B.S. for the youth groups who visit. 

I also have been very involved with funeral preparations, grieving with the family, reaching out wherever I can.  Recently I lost someone who was dear to me, my nephew.  That kind of made this ministry tough, but I fully trust the Lord to continue to reach those that are grieving.  The Lord is teaching me the taste of how it is grieve the lost.  I am praying that I will be more effective in ways I have never been in the years before.  My life has been rough and at times I feel like I’m over with grieving for my nephew.  But out of nowhere, life hits and leaves me barely holding on.  Many times, I find myself praying for strength, and the answer seems so far away.  I know the Lord is by my side and then I see the Lord working in the midst of this hard time of my life.  I wouldn’t have chosen to have a loved one taken, but God is using my nephew’s death to work in my families’ lives.  My brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews are showing a lot of interest in the things of the Lord.  Some have started coming to church regularly.  I and others have been praying for my family for years. 


ISAIAH 55:8. 

This scripture brought me through some of the difficult times when I didn’t understand why things are happening.  God has a plan!

Over all the Lord is providing in every way and in everything that I ever need.  I praise Him for all He is doing in my life. 

Without Him, I am  NOTHING. 

Love and Prayer,

Lorena Herbert

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