Remote Learning teaches me thankfulness.

Every morning I text 8 -10 families to remind them to get on Zoom in 10 minutes.  It doesn’t come with a snooze feature, but I have called 30 minutes later if a kid still doesn’t show up so I guess it actually does.

A new 6th grader wasn’t being successful at his school and has enrolled in our school.  Miss Kelli is teaching Acts and he asked what “saved” meant.  It is exciting to get to teach him about the Lord Jesus.

The 2nd graders are saying their memory verses to their moms.  Mr. Jim got to hear Mom and Grandma quote the 2nd grader’s verse as a result of helping him learn it.  They wanted the prize of a Sweetwater sticker—which IS pretty cool.

Several non-students are watching our chapels on the Immanuel Mission School Facebook page each week.  Immanuel’s message is heard here and even to the remotest part of the earth. God is with us all.

Teachers are going above and beyond with home visits every week and personal zoom calls or phone calls daily. You could still help us here by teaching a science unit remotely.  Or connect me with someone who might be interested and willing to meet this need.

Anne Denny/Principal

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