Teaching via Zoom comes with challenges!

During the school day, the student’s laptops sometimes cut out totally, or are muted at one end or the other, or a well-meaning teacher bumps the laptop  UNINTENTIONALLY  and suddenly EVERYBODY DISAPEARS!!  There is a delay in sound between my student and me according to how far away they live and some of the time a teacher from down the hall or at  Red  Mesa high school is over heard during the class.   Little brothers and sisters are much more entertaining than a  teacher and so are cats, puppies, grammas and older siblings.  One of my students, today,  was suddenly outside  (the lovely blue of the sky gave that away) and then  I saw the interior of a vehicle over his head.  He found a quiet place and was able to hear me from then on.   When  all  9 students are present on Zoom, it is a thrill!  (It still isn’t easy — because they often ask questions at the same time, BUT IT IS still thrilling.)  Thank you for praying for us; each prayer helps and knowing that you are praying for us lightens the load.    Becky Knopf

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