Christy Love says…

This year has been the year of firsts. First-year of teaching (for me), 1st day in the classroom, two weeks later we had our 1stday of school outside and a week later we switched, and had our 1st-day of house visits. All of these changes due to following the covid regulations. This year has had a sense of “who knows what will happen next,” but through all of the changes, God has constantly provided the right      resources and right ideas at just the right time.  

Has it been a challenging year? It has not been  without its    challenges.    For example, we as  teachers have to pick what is the most important for the   students to learn,  because  distance learning just takes longer than  usual learning.  But there is so much good that is coming out of it too. School wide we have Bible lessons  being sent into the home; we have    Chapels being sent into the home each week, and if you were wondering what you could pray for… yes pray that teaching will be effective and the      students will learn life skills, but also pray that the word of the Lord would not    return void,  but it would reach not  only  the  students but the families that are hearing the messages in their own homes. God is  doing great things THIS year. 2020 is not a mistake. As Psalm 139:16b says, “All the days ordained for me were  written in your book before one of them came to be.”

Christy Love

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