Dághá?gai which means ’White Beard’

Hi, my given name is Sami Davies and my Navajo name is Dághá?gai which means ’White Beard’. God’s blessed me with the opportunity to lead a men’s study for the past 2 years with 2 or 3 men participating,  We started with Romans, then 1st John. When we finished 1 John, around the middle of May, all three said they wanted to study Revelation. We’ve been studying it weekly and just finished Chapter 15 today. Revelation really proves itself to be a blessing and almost necessitates these final words every week….’But wait, there’s more!’…..

Currently, God has opened possible opportunity for 3 more men’s studies. The first 2 or 3 meetings we will go through a short booklet called, “Who’s the Greatest Man Alive”. I describe it like this, “If you know Christ, it is a wonderful refreshing tryst with Him. If you don’t know Christ, it is a wonderful opportunity to come to know Who He is, What He has done and What we must do.” And in studying the booklet, we go to the scriptures and they get the opportunity to read them for themselves.

Please pray I will be faithful to the Bible in leading the studies and that the eyes of each one of us participating are opened to the wonderful things in God’s law.

Thank you, Brother in Christ, Dághá?gai, Sami Davies

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