Zoom with Jr. High…

“Hello?  Are you there?” “Can you hear me? Can you see me?”

“Ok everybody, let’s put the kittens away so we can do math.”

“Hi grandma!  Everyone say ‘Hi’ to grandma. Okay, back to History” 

These are just a few of the things you might hear (repeatedly) if you walk by our classroom while teaching on zoom.  It definitely has its challenges, but it makes life interesting.  One student joined our class in the car for the first hour and sitting in Home Depot for the next hour (don’t ask me why?)

Instead of walking to the sharpener to show off your new shoes, you can now make us all jealous by what snack you get to eat while on camera.  Learning new concepts takes 3x as long (at least that was true with learning to add fractions with un-like denominators).   Some days, the teacher goes home and screams or cries or both in frustration.  But we get to see each other, we get to talk to and/or tease friends.  We recognize we are not alone.  We are learning and growing (slowly).  We pray together and for one another.  The Word of the Lord is being read, preached, studied, and quoted in each home.  We are learning to be thankful for what we have, had, and will have.  We are hopeful for the future.  This is just a season.  The Lord is always good, always faithful, and always with us.  We are Immanuel Mission School—God with us.  

Kelli Wilson

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