Immanuel Navajo Chapel

Navajo Immanuel Chapel is growing! Since the Covid restrictions were lifted, we’ve seen more and more people attending meetings. In this last year we have recognized two men as elders, and six men were recognized as deacons. The Lord has provided four men with the gift of teaching to minister to the saints on Sunday mornings, as well as other men and women who also are capable teachers and lead Bible studies in homes. The elders asked one of our sisters to start up a discipleship program among the women and girls in our church, and that is going strong!

At the end of our summer, we had a church picnic under our pavilion. There was plenty of food, conversation, special music, and a presentation by our Sunday School class. We plan to make this an annual event. It was encouraging to see how long the saints lingered around to visit with each other.

On Tuesday evenings, just before prayer meeting, a group gets together to practice reading the Scriptures in the Navajo language. This has been a real encouragement, and we pray that others will also become interested in participating in this.

We have been burdened for quite some time that we don’t have someone fluent in Navajo to preach and teach to our saints who don’t communicate much in English. After much prayer, and considering different options, we believe the Lord is leading us to implement a plan soon that we think has great potential.

Improvements have been made both inside and outside the chapel, courtesy of summer teams, our deacons, other staff members, and a few skilled welders who are generously donating their time. We now have a concrete ramp and steps with handrails; a foyer entrance on the north side; a fresh coat of paint; new furniture for the computer, storing supplies, and the PA system. Soon new shelving will be installed for our hymnbooks and Navajo Bibles.

The Lord took our brother John Bloom home to heaven on the first day of school. He is greatly missed both at the school and at our church. But he was faithful to prepare others to take the baton and keep running the race…and that’s just what we are doing!

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