Women’s Discipleship Program

Hi friends! I want to let you know about a new ministry we have started in our church here at Immanuel Mission. In the spring the elders requested that we start up a women’s discipleship program to help the young women in the church be fed specifically and intentionally. 

We currently have 7 pairs of women and young girls who have chosen to take part in a mentoring relationship. It’s such a joy and privilege to be a part of this and to witness how the Lord is causing growth in our church and in the individuals. I have watched these women with trembling knees choose to be obedient to the call to invest in the lives of other, younger believers. I saw the eagerness in these young girls as they thought about some woman reaching out to them specifically. In all things, growing often causes pain and this is no different, but it has been so worth it!

Please pray with us as this ministry blossoms and grows in the next few months. 

Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide each pairing. We have purposely not arranged what the mentoring consists of, choosing instead to let the Lord help each pair to decide where He wants the growth to occur. 

Pray for more interest in discipleship in the church. I feel like this is a pilot program and as more people see what is going on there will be more hunger for discipleship. (BTW…I praise the Lord that He sent me the exact numbers so that everything came out evenly!)

Thank you so much for your prayers!             Kelli Wilson

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