Bloom Newsletter – August 2006

Dear praying friends,
I apologize for not communicating well this summer. There were not many staff at the mission this summer but we still hosted 6 youth groups. Our son Johnny spent five weeks here helping. Much work was accomplished and the Word was given out in over 30 homes. We remodeled one of the staff homes and nearly finished the new house. Some more work teams are scheduled for the fall to help us as we still do not have a maintenance man. We are looking for retired couples that could come for a month at a time to help out. Would you spread the word of the need and this possible solution.
We have started school with enough staff. It was exciting to see God provide when it seemed impossible. Ruth’s niece Melissa Meinzinger has come to teach kindergarten – she has 10 wiggly little learners. Darrell and Barbara Valdois, a retired couple from Hutchinson, Ks., have come as well. Barbara is teaching English and Geography and art and is the librarian. Darrell is teaching the science classes and hopefully will get certified to drive bus. Two other couples are praying about coming but so far God has not opened the door. Ruth has taken on the work of mission treasurer which is a huge job. She is doing a great job but would be very relieved if God sent someone else to take over.
Several of the teachers are carrying heavy loads. Anne Denny is teaching 4th grade, high school math and driving a bus route. Megan is teaching 6 hours a day and driving a bus route. Please pray for them as well as all the staff. God is providing Navajo staff to do mechanic work and janitorial. Maybe bus drivers as well.  I am teaching several classes as well as driving the bus twice a day and doing all the coaching. (one benefit of that is that I am getting badly needed exercise almost daily). God is giving extra strength and several have written and called that they have been burdened to pray for us. For this we are especially grateful.
Johnny is off to Emmaus Bible College this week. He completed two years at Hutchinson Community College and will finish his BA at EBC. God wonderfully provided several large scholarships to enable him to attend without borrowing any money. I think God blessed him for giving his summer to the Lord’s work instead of secular employment. Isn’t that just like God?
Ruth and I were able to attend a family reunion in Maine in July on my mother’s side. Mom was also able to attend albeit with a walker. There were over 60 in attendance. One special treat was to spend time with my brother Stan whom we have not seen very often as he lived in Alaska for 30 years. We also visited other family and friends in the area.
We are very encouraged and thank you for your faithful prayers for us.
John & Ruth Bloom

May News

Dear Friends,
All my news is from a month ago–sorry I’ve been so slow to write.  The week of Easter was an exciting one.   We have been going to homes for prayer meeting this spring.  Eddie, one of our Navajo elders asks non-Christians if they would mind us coming to their home to share about Jesus and to pray for them.   Several have said yes.  We went to this elderly couple’s home.  They have their two grandsons living with them because the father is in jail for killing the mother.   The couple began asking many questions.  The grandma said they were so glad we came, no one had ever come to their home to tell them about Jesus and they were really interested.   They don’t speak English so I listened without understanding mostly but prayed and got the story later.  Grandma also asked about Easter.   She really only knew about eggs and bunnies.  It was exciting to tell her, apparently for the first time, about the resurrection and why Christians celebrate Easter.   After two hours we prayed and left.  The Grandpa said he could listen all night but the boys were asleep and I was definitely drifting.  Good thing I wasn’t sitting in a window sill.  Lorena planned to go back, but I don’t know if she has.
Easter Sunday we had our annual sunrise service behind the mesa.  All the women who have been coming regularly to our Wednesday knitting class were there.   Most haven’t come to church yet, but they did come to this definitely “Christian” activity.  We are so thrilled to see God working in their lives and using this casual get-together to promote interest in Christian things.   This week we are having a cook out as kind of a finale, but Kathy Staley plans to continue over the summer.
Keep praying about needed staff.  We have received word that Melissa Meinzinger (Ruth Bloom’s niece from Michigan) plans to come teach kindergarten.  But we’ve also learned that Nancy Bingham Denny will not be back after all.  She’s been sick since they got married and found the commute from the mission to his home to be too much.   We are having a farewell dinner for the Douglases, the Niningers, the Ribbeys, and Michele and Nancy next Tuesday evening.  We need an elementary teacher, a high school teacher (preferably science and coach but we could work with what the Lord sends), a maintenance person, and a bus driver at the minimum if you are interested or know someone.   John Bloom has gotten interest from various ones, but no commitments except for Melissa.
I know many of you were praying for me in regards to the Academic Meet.  The Lord answered your prayers and everything went well.   The host school and their principal survived with none of their anticipated disasters.
My mind is already turning to Kansas and the work at KBC.  Please pray for all the camps going on this summer.   I will be at the high school camps and the upper-grade girls’ camps.  I don’t know if I will get to visit another camp this summer or not.   I am looking forward to graduations and weddings in the next two months as well.
Recently I read about Jesse sending David to check on his brothers.  In the CEV Bible he tells David to bring something back so that he knows the boys are safe.   I enjoyed picturing David coming home with Goliath’s head and sword.  As I’ve continued reading, I know that he didn’t get to take them home but it is still a neat picture of how God provides.   I don’t know what Jesse expected David to bring, but what he brought was “exceeding abundantly beyond all that {he} asked or thought.”  Just like the Lord, huh?
Love, Anne Denny

Bloom Newsletter – April 2006

Dear praying friends       

We are fast approaching the end of another school year. We will have three seniors graduating on May 13th. We have had a great year but face major changes with a number of staff leaving. Douglas’, Niningers, Ribbeys and Michelle are all leaving at the end of school. As of now we have no firm replacements for them. We need a kindergarten teacher, HS teacher (either science or math or English), 2nd grade teacher, maintenance man and bookkeeper. Also, a bus driver but we are going to try to get a local Navajo to do that. Please pray for God to supply those needed.

We enjoyed the fellowship of a youth group from Kenosha, Wisconsin last week. We made good progress on the new house as well as the new computer lab. The youth did special chapels and crafts with our students.

We have been excited about new outreach into the community. The mission ladies are reaching out to unchurched neighbors with a Wed night craft class. About 7 or so ladies have been coming on a regular basis. These are people who have never come to church or a Bible study. However, most of them came to our Easter sunrise service because of relationships built on Wednesdays. There is a prayer and share time at the end of the craft class. Pray for salvation for these ladies.

We have a number of youth groups lined up for the summer. We anticipate getting a lot of work done and ministry in the community. However, with so many leaving it will be more intense for those left. Pray for endurance.

We praise the Lord that Ranson has gotten some relief from his back pain and is now working in the bus barn again. He anticipates being full time there in the fall. Please pray for him and Lula and support them if you can.

We have approved the construction of a shop building which will house our auto mechanics and wood shops. We have started a fund for financing the construction – probably next year. Contributions to the fund should be marked “shop fund”. We have already had some interest in teachers for these programs so we are quite excited that this is God’s time. We are still waiting for ACSI approval for using this for reaccreditation. It should be approved any time now.

Even though we are facing significant staff turnover, there is no sense that God is indicating any major change in ministry or programs. We are instead excited to see how God is going to supply and what great things He has in store for IM. Thank you, though, for praying for us and please spread the word about the positions that need filling.

John & Ruth Bloom

Can You Help?

We are anticipating needing a significant number of new staff for the next school year beginning in August. Please pray that God will supply the workers for this important ministry among the Navajo people of Sweetwater Community.

Anticipated needs include:

  • Kindergarten teacher (degree not required)
  • Middle School and High School Science teacher (degree preferred)
  • Bus mechanic or mechanics helper
  • Maintenance man
  • Bookkeeper – knowledge of bookkeeping procedures and programs
  • Bus drivers – must get AZ CDL and school bus endorsement.

Contact John Bloom for more information.

Student Testimony

Recently in the high school Bible class the teacher asked the students to write a brief testimony. Here are a few samples of the many wonderful things the students wrote. Even the few unbelievers had some good things to say.

“At age 5 is when I first prayed to God to take away my sin and said I wanted to be a Christian. In 8th grade I started struggling in school and somewhat at home. I realized that I either had to choose God and follow Him with all my heart or choose my own way. I was tired of living in the middle. For about a week I remember really struggling with this decision until finally I decided I couldn’t live without God and it was Him I wanted. Now He has my life and I want to live for Him.”

“Well, I accepted Jesus into my life and asked Him to save me when I was in the 5th grade. Ever since then my life hasn’t been the same. It feels like I don’t have to worry about anything. I just give everything to God. He helps me through hard times just like He promised. I thank God for saving my life.”

“I accepted Christ when I was at SWBC (Southwest Bible Camp). Before, I just said I was a Christian but really I was just lying to myself.”

“I became a Christian when a classmate was praying for lunch. He prayed ‘God, I pray for those who are not yet Christians to come to you before it is to late.’ It made me think for awhile through his prayer and I told the teacher to stay behind with me and she prayed for me while I asked Jesus to come into my heart”

“I believe all that is written in the Bible but it still feels like I’m not yet a Christian. …I don’t know what holds me back.”

“……thank you very much for this class and this school”

Thanks again for all you do to make this school possible. Together we are producing fruit for the kingdom of God.

John Bloom