Student Testimony

Recently in the high school Bible class the teacher asked the students to write a brief testimony. Here are a few samples of the many wonderful things the students wrote. Even the few unbelievers had some good things to say.

“At age 5 is when I first prayed to God to take away my sin and said I wanted to be a Christian. In 8th grade I started struggling in school and somewhat at home. I realized that I either had to choose God and follow Him with all my heart or choose my own way. I was tired of living in the middle. For about a week I remember really struggling with this decision until finally I decided I couldn’t live without God and it was Him I wanted. Now He has my life and I want to live for Him.”

“Well, I accepted Jesus into my life and asked Him to save me when I was in the 5th grade. Ever since then my life hasn’t been the same. It feels like I don’t have to worry about anything. I just give everything to God. He helps me through hard times just like He promised. I thank God for saving my life.”

“I accepted Christ when I was at SWBC (Southwest Bible Camp). Before, I just said I was a Christian but really I was just lying to myself.”

“I became a Christian when a classmate was praying for lunch. He prayed ‘God, I pray for those who are not yet Christians to come to you before it is to late.’ It made me think for awhile through his prayer and I told the teacher to stay behind with me and she prayed for me while I asked Jesus to come into my heart”

“I believe all that is written in the Bible but it still feels like I’m not yet a Christian. …I don’t know what holds me back.”

“……thank you very much for this class and this school”

Thanks again for all you do to make this school possible. Together we are producing fruit for the kingdom of God.

John Bloom